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When you hear a loved one is pregnant you look forward to 9 months of excitement followed by the safe arrival of a bundle of joy...


Sometimes pregnancy may not go as planned, and in order to ensure babies safe arrival into this world, there needs to be some specialist intervention by clever medical teams 


The Capella Foundation has been born to help increase awareness of medical complications during pregnancy, increase the support available to those affected, and to raise as much money as possible to directly fund medical research into advanced treatments.


We are a teeny weeny little charitable foundation doing what we can to make a big difference, and this is only possible with your support - So thank you!!


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When a problem is detected during pregnancy, the medical support available in the UK is second to none. With a team of specialist doctors and nurses at the nations disposal in the UK, it is amazing to know you are in good hands.


An area the Capella Foundation wishes to focus efforts is the support available to parents. We want to help ensure that at point of diagnosis and throughout treatment, parents are given open access to the support networks already available.


Providing information on complex medical conditions that is easier to understand and digest; illustarting stories of others who have been through the same thing; providing easy access to support forums that are already available.

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