team capella - wolfpack hall of fame...

The Capella Wolfpack is made up of a group of special people who have dedicated their bodies in order to raise money for the capella foundation.

The wolfpack have earnt their place in the capella wolfpack hall of fame...

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various fundraising events...

Name: Connor, Aiden, Vicky and Sonni Campbell


Event: Various fundraising activities including fitness events, fundraising fun day and Quiz Night


Background: Connor is a surviving twin following TTTS, and Vicky and Aidan plus family and friends held fundraising events to raise money for specialist sensory equipment for Connor, as well as donating to the NICU dept at Royal Cornwall Hospiltal and The Capella Foundation.

welsh three peaks...

Name: James and Hannah Rowlands


Event: Welsh Three Peaks Challenge


Background: Following their own personal loss through TTTS, James and Hannah decided to take on the Welsh Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for the Capella Foundation, and in memory of their 'cubs'.


A2B for Capella...

Name: Flt Sgt Dan Biggs


Event: 'A2B for Capella' - Run, Cycle and Row the equivalent distance from Afghan to Bristol - 3600 miles!!


dresden marathon...

Name: Mike Morgan


Event: Dresden Marathon


dresden half marathon...

Name: Laura Smith and Dave Hedges


Event: Dresden Half Marathon


bristol half marathon...

Name: Annie Hawkins and Nicky Hoare


Event: Bristol Half Marathon


Name: Samantha Jenkins


Event: Bristol Half Marathon


bristol to paris cycle...

Name: Craig Britton


Event: Cycling Bristol to Paris


j.p.morgan round the island race...

Name: 'Team Florence' - Paul, Beverley, Fergus, Guy, Paul, Pete, Steve and Josh


Event: JP Morgan Round the Island Race, Isle of Wight


tough mudder...

Name: Pete Lyus


Event: Tough Mudder


fundriasing fun day...

Name: Chris and Vicky Heap


Event: Fundraising Fun Day


fleet half marathon...

Name: Kerry Purcell


Event: Fleet Half Marathon


tough mudder...

Name: Adam and Gareth


Event: Tough Mudder


24in24 dream team...

Name: Freja Charlotte Britton


Nickmane: The Dude


Position: Chairbaby

Name: Lucy Britton


Nickname: Mummy / Nigel


Capella Circuit Quote: I'll do the whole 24 hours, but i'm only going to watch'

Name: Mat Britton


Nickname: Daddy / Dermot


Capella Circuit Quote: 'I need to help Lucy with Freja, so wont be able to do the whole 24 hours'

Name: Liam Biggs


Nickname: Biggo


Capella Circuit Quote: 'We should definitely include Zumba'

Name: Benjamin Purcell


Nickname: Mute


Capella Circuit Quote: 'Count me in... 24 in 24, is it a pub crawl?'

Name: James Goodchild


Nickname: Big Roy Nelson


Capella Quote: 'Sounds horrid... Tell me where and when.'

Name: Gary Leadbeater


Nickname: Grumpy old man


Capella Quote: 'We could kayak from Bath in an hour'

Name: Ian Anderson


Nickname: Shandy boy


Capella Circuit Quote: 'Before I come training i need to get fit'

Name: Koree Britton


Nickname: Hand Grenade


Capella Circuit Quote: 'I think it will be a good idea for the wolfpack to have some 'intimate' time prior to the Capella Circuit - good for team spirit'